Wow, I really suck at this whole blogging thing. My Dad keeps saying, “Amy, I spared the time and there was no new posts.” So, that inspired me too make the time to blog seeing as how there is someone in the world who still actually reads its. Thanks Dad! Let me fill everyone in on my life: School, school, school, school, school, and more school. Pretty much everything I do these days has something to do with my graduate studies. But, I am happy to say that I am not just surviving anymore in the program I am thriving!! Hallelujah thank you Jesus. Beside school I have been loving the start of spring in the Shenandoah Valley. This past weekend some of the roomies and I gathered up the boyfriends and went for an afternoon of wine tasting! It was so fun to just relax and spend time with the people I love. I have also began training again for a half marathon with my Dad. The other day I was pondering back to a time in my life where I felt great mentally, spiritually, and physically…the fall of my sophomore year came to mind. I was training for a marathon with my Dad! So, I called him up and told him to get his running shoes on because we are going for round two. I will be posting about my training experience so stay tuned. I would try and fill you in on what else has happened in my life between my last post and now but I figured I would just show you pictures, here they are, enjoy:

God Bless Friends!


DIY Stationary

The roomies and I had a really fun stationary making party a couple of weeks ago. It was really easy and the cards turned out great. All you need is some cardstock, scrapbook paper and whatever you want to decorate the cards with (I choose ribbons and buttons). Here are a few:

Be Blessed.

One of my favorite things in the world is hearing peoples testimonies. A friend of mine led me to this testimony and it amazing. In the midst of all that has happened in this women’s life, she is still praising Jesus.

Here is Rachel’s testimony, I hope it blesses you.

What to do with a break?

I have literally been going non stop since I began graduate school in August. As I come to the finish line of my first semester as a graduate student I am getting excited about all the things I plan on doing with my breaks (Thanksgiving & Christmas)!!

Here is a list of all things I plan on doing over my breaks!

First, Crafts!! I got the greatest email from my Dad in class the other day, it was the receipt for the brand new sewing machine him and my Mom bought me as an early Christmas present. I nearly cried! Now that I am on my own I love and appreciate the little surprises from my parents so much!! My first project with my new sewing machine will be a skirt! I was inspired by the skirt my roomie Jackie made. Here it is:











Second, a suitcase chair! I was at our local thrift store this past week and found the most amazing vintage green suitcase. I had seen these done before but could never find the right suitcase, now that I have I am planning on making it into a chair for my bedroom. Pictures soon to come, but for now here is one for you to feast your eyes on:













Third, some DTR. And no Nathan and I are not “Defining The Relationship.” This past year I was talking to one of my high school students about the potential of a DTR with her significant other, and she responded by saying, “you mean Daytime Romance?” I died laughing! So, now anytime I get to spend time with Nathan during the day I say were having a DTR (daytime romance)! Love him:










Fourth, more crafting! Homemade Christmas gifts are a staple of mine and I fully plan on continuing that tradition! I will be making a variety of beautiful things for my beautiful friends. Here is a hair piece that I made for a Christmas present:








Fifth, sleep. Yes, I fully plan on sleeping in past noon. For the past four months I have been up before the sun and can not wait to be joyfully lazy!!

Sixth, DC with my Kentucky lovers. DC has become one of my favorite cities (now that I only live 2 hours away) and a few of my friends from KY are coming to tromps around the city with me! Here is a picture from a trip we took to Charleston in college! Can’t wait to see them!!










Seventh, skyping with my parents! Recently my Mom got Skype and loves it. I also love that she has it, because that means I get to see my parents (they live in Beaumont California…our visits are sadly few and far between)!! My family rocks:











Eight, a much need visit to sweet South Carolina. I have longed for my southern home and can not wait to go back for a quick trip. It will be so fun to catch up with my wonderful friends there! I am especially excited about seeing some old YL kids. How could you not miss this place?










Ninth, reading. And no I don’t mean textbooks (although it wouldn’t hurt to get ahead on spring reading), I mean good books! I have list a mile long of things I want to read over the break. Hello Bathtub!

Lastly, exploring. I love adventure and unfortunatley with school I don’t feel like I have been able to explore my new home as much as I would have liked to. So, over break I plan on becoming a true tourist in Virginia (without the fanny pack ๐Ÿ™‚

Thankful for Thursdays,



O Glee, how I love thee. Glee has quickly become one of my favorite shows. All week I look forward to Wednesday nights on the couch with Jes!ย This past week Rachel & Curt sang a personal favorite of mine, “Defying Gravity” from WICKED.

Check it:

All things fall

I love Fall!! It is my absolute favorite season of the year. Everything from the leaves changing to the building anticipation of Christmas right around the corner. So, here is a list of all things fall that I love!

Props to my lovely roommate Jes Miller for taking a few of these pictures!!

On Saturday October 23, 2009 I had the great privilege of being a bridesmaid in my very dear friends wedding, Liz and Jason Dahl. The wedding day was perfect in every way from the church to the food, I can honestly say this was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been part of. Jason and Liz are that couple you meet and just know they were made for each other! Check out a short video and some pictures from there wedding: